Zero Tokei
Kanji ゼロトケイ
Catalog Number KDSD-00859
Release Date February 10, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Publisher TEAM Entertainment
Composer Hijiri Anze
Shingo jake Saito
Arranged By Hijiri Anze
Eiji Kawai
Performed By Kaori Oda
Lyrics by Nao Hiyama
Kaori Oda
Number of Songs 5

Zero Tokei (ゼロトケイ, lit. Zero Clock) is the third song album to be released. It contains the ending theme for the Norn 9: Norn and Nornette anime series.

Details Edit

  • Norn9 Norn+Nonette Ending Theme
    • Vocals: Kaori Oda
    • Composer/Arranger: Hijiri Anze
    • Lyricist: Nao Hiyama

Songlist Edit

Song By Length
Zero Tokei Kaori Oda 4:28
Change Kaori Oda 4:44
with you... Kaori Oda 5:57
Zero Tokei (Off Vocal) - 4:28
Change (Off Vocal) - 4:45
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