Chapter 1Edit

Picking up from what had happened at the prologue, Mikoto returned from the rooftop and informs the crew that the assaulter was the same person from the previious attack. Masamune then reports it to ‘The World’ and Kakeru decides to split the 3 teams into 2 groups. His and Mikoto’s team are going to be repairing the damaged areas on the second floor while Nanami’s team is going to check for other damaged areas in the ship. At the second floor, using his ability, Kakeru covers the hole with vines. After they had finished, they started to clean the debris.

Later on, Masamune asks Kakeru and the girl to help him harvest some peaches at the orchard. They both agree and the girl then went to get a sack to fill the peaches and bumps into Senri at the kitchen. Senri hands her the sack and she decides to invite him to harvest the peaches together but Senri rejects, being the hikikomori he is. When she returned to the second floor, Kakeru asks her if she saw Senri on the way. She didn’t answer but Kakeru knew that Senri was there and rushed to ‘catch’ Senri. At the orchard, she holds the sack while Masamune fills it with peaches. Suddenly, they hear someone faintly screaming and saw Kakeru dragging Senri towards them.

After harvesting the peaches, Kakeru suggests to wash some of them so they may eat. They all agree and wash them. As they do so, a peach slipped from the girl’s hands, making her lose her balance while trying to retrieve it. Masamune and Kakeru who tried to help her, fell into the pond with her. Senri, who thinks that they want to become fishes, decides to join in the fun and jumps into the pond. Kakeru suggests to play in the water but the girl says she doesn’t know how to swim. Kakeru then offers to teach her and tells her to ask them if she has any problems. She suddenly remembers her name and tells them that it’s Koharu. The name was given to her by a traveler when she was just a child, so she doesn’t have a surname. Just then, Nanami and Akito came over to stop them from playing in the water.

Nanami brings Koharu back to the room so she may change her soaked clothes. Koharu tried to tell Nanami her name but Nanami interrupts and shoves her to the meeting room. At the meeting room, Mikoto explains that they were assaulted by the same man twice. Regardless of her strong barrier, the second floor was still attacked. Mikoto suspects that there is a betrayer with offensive ability among them cooperating with the assaulter. Assuming that the betrayer might be more than one, Kakeru devised 2 plans.

Plan 1: Have everyone spill their ability, information, background and etc. They’re not required to do so under a certain rule but seeing the situation, they have no choice but to break the rule. Unfortunately, Nanami refuses and rejected the plan, so he proposes his second, and also last plan.

Plan 2: Further divide the crew into groups of two, so that they can watch after one another. Most of them agree and Kakeru asks the girls to choose their partners first, though girls cannot pair up together.

Reasons are:

1) When anything happens, the boys can protect the girls.

2) Chances of the betrayer being a man is high.

3) The betrayer might be more than one so they need the girls to look after their guys all the time.

Koharu is worried about what the others will think of her when they discover her ability. She recalls what the traveler who gave her a name and her uniform said: ‘When you’re old enough to wear this, someone will come for you. Until then, you will… be freed from your loneliness'

Chapter 2Edit

Since Koharu is pairing up with Senri, Kakeru ends up with Masamune. Other pairings are: Mikoto & Itsuki, Nanami & Akito, Heishi & Ron. Koharu follows Senri who exits the meeting room but he asks her to leave him alone. On Koharu’s way back to her room, she sees a troubled Senri standing in front of his room staring at his broken door. Heishi passes by and Kakeru managed to convince Heishi that the door was destroyed for Senri’s own good – to get rid of his hikikomori acts and have him socialize with the crew. Ever since that day, Senri is always accompanied by Heishi and Kakeru no matter where he is. On the other hand, Koharu spent most of her time working at the field with Masamune.

One day, Koharu is heading back to her room after finishing her chores, she sees Senri running towards her, panting and coughing. Heishi and Kakeru are searching for him but she brings him to her room because he seems to be feeling unwell. Back at Koharu’s room, Senri asks Koharu to leave him alone. Koharu answers that she couldn’t because she understands the feeling of being all alone. Just then, Kakeru knocks at the door and asks for Senri’s whereabouts. Koharu honestly tells Kakeru that Senri is in her room but she isn’t allowing Senri out to ‘play’ with Kakeru. Kakeru compromises and leaves. Koharu wants to get something for Senri that’ll cheer him up but what he wants seems to be undoable for Koharu…

Koharu: I’ll go and get something that will cheer up Senri-kun. Is there anything you want? Senri: Door. Locked room. Personal time. Peacefulness. Silence.

Koharu then decides to get him some food. At the kitchen, Koharu wants to bake a dessert for Senri. Akito is there too and although at first he tells her to do what she wants, just don’t waste the ingredients, he ends up teaching Koharu how to bake. Before baking, Akito suggests putting in some peach jam. 

Senri's Route

He then asks Koharu not to tell Senri that he helped her bake the dessert. When Koharu returns to her room with the freshly baked dessert, Senri took a bite and says that it was delicious, plus, the peach flavor gave him a nostalgic feeling. After finishing the dessert, Senri fell asleep. Koharu murmurs that she feels sad and lonely when she thinks about the day their journey ends, because everyone will be parting ways. Senri, who woke up earlier, says that if one doesn’t understand the meaning of warmth, then the feeling of loneliness will never surface. It’s really troublesome because if you don’t know, you wouldn’t yearn. Koharu agrees but now, she’s happy because Senri is beside her. Senri blushes and asks her to bake him the dessert again. After that, they end up sleeping on the floor.

Chapter 3Edit

The next day, as everyone assembled at the canteen for breakfast, a Maid asked Koharu to help out with some chores. When Koharu returned to the canteen, she overhears Senri’s conversation with Kakeru and misinterprets Senri’s words, thinking that he hates going to her room. Later, Senri and Koharu went to the pond. He splashes the water and eventually dives in to swim. Later, Kakeru comes over to inform that the Maid has finished preparing the bath and shower can be done anytime. Koharu requests Kakeru to repair Senri’s door but he is reluctant to do so, because Senri will shut himself in his room for days again. Though Koharu thinks that its fine that way. Senri pops out from the water, blushing, while Kakeru leaves after hearing her decision. The Maid then came shortly after Kakeru left, looking angry and shoves them to the bathroom.

After showering, Senri returned to his room and shuts himself in again until Kakeru dragged him out for dinner. The following day, Akito requests Koharu to get Masamune and Kakeru because they’re late for breakfast. Masamune explains that Kakeru caught a cold and he’ll be looking after him. Since Kakeru is incapacitated and Masamune needs to take care of him, Masamune asks Koharu to find some helpers to help her with the work at the field – Masamune and Kakeru are in-charge of it, actually. Koharu accepts his request. On her way back, she bumps into Senri who was going to get her. Koharu tells Senri about what Masamune said earlier and they returned to the canteen together.
Senri's Route 01

They went to the field together after breakfast. After awhile, Senri got exhausted from the physical work. Koharu asks him to rest while she continues with their work. Hearing what she said, Senri unwillingly stands up and spreads his hands wide apart. He summons some water which rained above the field, nourishing the crops. Koharu excitingly claps her hands and praises his Water ability. Senri gets flustered and tells her to continue the work. After she finished, Senri offers to carry the vegetables she harvested to the canteen. Koharu suggests carrying them together and they walk down the staircase together. Senri mentions that he wants to eat the dessert she made earlier and she happily says that she’ll bake one for him.

Chapter 4Edit

Koharu is helping Senri repairing his door. She praises him that he’s clever with his fingers and he replies that it’s because he did woodcraft before. Koharu is extremely excited when she hears that he can even craft a rabbit out of wood. He promises her that he’ll make one for her… only if he’s free. They are nearly done but the metal fittings left are deformed due to the impact caused when Akito broke the door. Koharu suggests asking Akito to repair it and they head to the canteen. At the canteen, Koharu asks Akito to repair the fittings by bending it back to the original shape but he hesitates because Senri might close himself in his room again. Standing from Akito’s viewpoint, Koharu knows that he’s worried about Senri but managed to convince Senri into asking Akito to do the favor and Akito helped Senri in the end.
Senri's Route 02

After they finished nailing the fittings, Kakeru and Masamune came to visit them. Kakeru, who has fully recovered from his cold, is mad at Senri and Koharu for repairing the door even though he is against it in the first place. Senri promises Kakeru that he will not close himself in his room anymore and he can hand out his key for someone to keep it. Kakeru is surprised at Senri’s acts but he decides to let Koharu keep the key, which she accepts. Kakeru teases Senri that he won’t have any reasons to go to Koharu’s room, now that his door was repaired. Senri realizes that Kakeru is actually envious of him and teases Kakeru for it.

Senri: Could it be that, Yuiga-san… You’re envious of me?

Kakeru: …… 

Senri: If not, then you wouldn’t be repeating the same thing again and again… Sorry for not realizing that. *giggles*

Unfortunately, Kakeru isn’t happy getting teased. He manipulates some vines to ‘punish’ Senri, causing both Senri and Koharu to scream out of horror. Later, Masamune praises Koharu for doing a great job at the field. Senri gets jealous watching Masamune patting Koharu’s head. He went and pulled Koharu towards him, suprising Masamune. Kakeru and Masamune left to continue their patrol while Senri asks Koharu if she has someone she likes. Unfortunately, Koharu is too airheaded to realize what he meant and replies that she loves everyone on the ship. Disappointed at her answer, Senri gloomily returns to his room, leaving Koharu confused.

One day, the three girls are gathered at the canteen, each having problems with their respective partners. Itsuki pops out and hands out a piece of paper called Amidakuji, telling them to make their choice. Itsuki analyses the paper and tells them to look forward to the results tonight. At night, the three girls wake up in the dream world with Itsuki (in cat form), welcoming them. Itsuki tells them to find the person most precious to them in their respective world – that’s the only way to return. Koharu is Snow White, Mikoto is Cinderella, Nanami is Little Red Riding Hood. In Snow White’s world, Koharu is searching for Senri. She bumps into Itsuki who mutes her, rendering her unable to speak, unless she manages to find her precious person. Fortunately, he gave Koharu a free ride to the dwarfs’ house to speed up her progress. In the house, she spots a blue chick with a tattoo under one of its eyes. Koharu tries to call out for Senri but she couldn’t and starts to cry. Suddenly, Senri appears and comforts her, but he disappears shortly after. Suddenly, somebody knocked the door…

Chapter 5Edit

Nanami entered the room and says that she’s after a certain wolf. She wants to borrow the chick to use her as bait to lure him. Koharu rejects and dashes out from the house with the chick in her arms. Nanami chuckles and chases after Koharu. When Nanami catches up, the chick jumps out from Koharu’s arms and ran away. They heard someone scream– it was Akito. Nanami, happy that she has found her ‘wolf’ prances after him. Koharu decides to return to the house with the chick. On her way back, she bumps into Kakeru who catches her. Koharu tries to resist and fortunately, Masamune appears in time, causing Kakeru to flee. Masamune turns out to be the Prince in Snow White’s world, he offered to protect Koharu from the witch wizard – Kakeru. Koharu then rejects his offer because she wants to search for Senri. She then runs away with the chick in her arms. 

Senri's Route 2
Koharu arrived at the core of Itsuki’s dream world. Itsuki says that she cannot stay here and sent her away. Koharu realizes that she’s in a dark place and the chick is nowhere to be seen, not even in her arms. She tries ‘calling’ for the chick and tears stream down her face. Suddenly, Senri appeared in front of her, asking her not to cry. He says that he was the blue chick accompanying her all along. Jealous of how Koharu was touched by Masamune and Kakeru, he spreads his wings and flies her to the sky. He asks her to open her eyes and she sees a splendid view. Senri then confesses that he wants to protect Koharu because he loves her. Koharu gets her voice back and confesses that she loves Senri too, surprising him.
Senri's Route 03

After that, she wakes up from her dream only to find Senri in her room. He asks Koharu for her feelings towards him but she stops at the middle of her sentence because the words of "I love you" got ‘stuck’ in her throat. She noticed Senri calling her by her name – Koharu-san. She then recalls him doing so when he confessed in the dream world. Embarrassed, Koharu pulls the blanket to hide herself. After that, every time Senri starts a conversation with her, she keeps silent and it’ll eventually end with her apologizing to him. Koharu couldn’t act normally in front of Senri because whenever she sees his face, his confession will replay in her head again and again.

Koharu spots Senri talking to Mikoto and strangely, a detestable feeling of jealousy is felt instead. When Koharu is pondering her feelings, she bumps into Senri. Without saying a word, she runs away. Senri chases after her but he loses his stamina and fell to the ground. Worried, Koharu rushes back to check on him. He pins her down and asks her why she is avoiding him. She paused for a while and replies that if she feels that if she is to say something now, he might hate her, which she doesn’t want to happen because she loves him. But she’s confused with her own feelings. Her vision of ‘love’ is a beautiful and gentle feeling, but she felt a detestable feeling earlier when she saw Senri talking to Mikoto. Senri tells her that his ‘love’ is different, it’s for the one and only person in front of him – Koharu. Koharu exclaims that he can’t do so, because it’s not worth it, there are others who cared for him. Senri is feeling a little bit irritated because no matter what he said, his words could not get through Koharu. Since he couldn’t put it into words, he kisses her on the lips. He says that he’ll do this to her only and asks her to think the meaning of his action thoroughly.
Senri's Route 04

Chapter 6Edit

There is a meeting held at the meeting room, but Koharu spent the whole time spacing out – thinking of Senri’s kiss. After the meeting ended, Mikoto and Nanami gave Koharu a lowdown of the meeting – a war may erupt at their next landing site and the crew should be more careful. Senri visits Koharu at her room and she informs Senri that she won’t be going to the town.  She reminds him of the metal fittings and he replies that he’ll buy them. Senri is curious about the reason for her being cool with him talking to someone else. Koharu replies that it’s because she felt relieved after the kiss they shared. Senri wants to hear her true feelings but she still needs some time. Before leaving, Senri admits that he was happy that she felt jealous when he was talking to someone else and teases her for it. Later, Koharu smells a strange smell and went outside to check. There, she saw a man – the traveler who gave her the uniform and her name. Koharu is happy for being able to reunite with him. He asks her if she has told anyone about her ability, but she answers that she still hasn’t. Koharu asks him about how he was able to get her uniform. The traveler replies that he knows ‘The World’ because he created ‘it’. Koharu wanted to ask more but the man was gone.

The next day, the crews still haven’t returned from the town. Koharu is worried about the others and the traveler appeared, informing her that a war happened at a town… well, a village actually. He took her there and she saw the war happening with her own eyes. He tries to convince her to use her ability to defeat the enemies but she hesitates. He continued to persuade her until she finally uses her ability – Fire. A soldier informed the traveler that the national army had retreated and the traveler seems to be happy with the result. Koharu pleads him to let her return to her friends’ side but he rejects, saying that he had sent his men to search for her friends. Suddenly, she heard telepathy from Heishi, telling her that everyone had returned to the ship. Koharu then asks the traveler to bring her back to the ship because she knew that her friends were safe.

Senri's Route 05
When Koharu returned to the ship, Senri ran towards her and hugged her, saying that he was worried sick about her. Masamune and Heishi came, both relieved that Koharu is back safe and sound. Koharu explains that she met the traveler. Masamune tells her that ‘The World’ had requested them to work with the national army to fight against the rebels. Koharu is worried that they’re going back to the village she went to earlier but Masamune says that they’re going to a different place. Relieved, Koharu tells Masamune that she’ll go to the town. Senri is surprised to hear her immediate answer and asks her if she’s afraid of war. She replies that she is afraid but she wants to put the ability she disliked all these years to good use. Senri says that he understands her feelings because he also wants to do the same thing.

The town they arrived to reeks of gunpowder. Mikoto appears and starts ranting about the bad stuff the rebels had done – giving out weapons, not only to adults but also children. Masamune and Senri will be checking Koharu’s post and Senri tells her not to wander around. When everyone left, Koharu sees a man who looks familiar. He was from the village the traveler took her to. She followed the man to the alley and sees him taking out a bomb. She finally knew that the village is cooperating with the rebels and she helped the wrong side. Back to the town, she saw Mikoto getting attacked by a cyborg. Koharu activates her ability and the cyborg was burnt to crisp. A soldier from the national army recognizes Koharu and one of them caught the rebel. Senri brings Koharu far away from the town. At an alley, Koharu asks Senri to let her calm down by herself and apologizes to him.  Senri left to get Masamune. Koharu cried her heart out. The traveler came and hugged her from behind. He says that he needs her.

Koharu’s monologue:

‘Senri-kun, if I said such things, will Senri-kun get angry at me? I… I never yearned for power. Instead… I detest it to the point of wanting to throw it away. What I yearn for, is Senri-kun, because Senri-kun… owns everything I wished for. Up till now, Senri-kun was the reason why I felt happy. If I could… I wished that I can be a person Senri-kun needs. I want… to become a special person only to Senri-kun. … I’m sorry, for being unable to tell you these words properly.’

When Senri and Masamune arrived, Koharu is nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 7Edit

Mikoto wants to search for Koharu, but the guys stop her. Instead, they’ll go and search for Koharu. Heishi will be staying with the girls. When the guys are out, they saw a town on fire. Suspecting that Koharu might be there, they rushed to the town. Meanwhile, over at traveler’s place, he asks Koharu to rest for awhile. Just then, his soldier came, saying that he has something to report. The traveler exits the room and proceeds to hear the report: The towns they burnt are considerably destroyed, it will take some time until the national army reconstruct it. Besides that, the national army is also asking for more weapons.  Koharu only used her ability twice in a small scale, the one who really set the town on fire is the traveler’s army. The traveler says that as long as Koharu is with him, he doesn’t need any other weapons.

Masamune decides to ask ‘The World’ for help. Just then, the ship assaulter – Azuma Natsuhiko, appears. The crews are surprised, and Masamune seems to know Natsuhiko.
Senri's Route 3
Natsuhiko explains that he’s here because someone asked him to, and ‘The World’ appears. Natsuhiko introduces her as Aion. Aion says that she’s a cyborg created on 2080. Year 2000, war happened and the world was in chaos, but humans didn’t stop. Year 2060, World War IV started. Anyone could be the murderer or the victim. To protect themselves, even children are armed with guns. The government devised a plan – ‘Reset’, to reset the world and revert it to its original lush green state. Reset #1 was done on 2060 and it’s now 8075. 3 resets were done up till now. The crews’ abilities exist for this sole purpose – Reset. Barriers to protect lives, Fire to erase history, Water to heal the earth, Greens to replant anything destroyed and Manipulating Memories to erase memories.

Natsuhiko urges them to chase after the traveler– Yuiga Shiro. Kakeru is shocked to hear that name, his father’s name, because he knew that his father was dead as he saw his father’s corpse with his own eyes. Natsuhiko asks for the Water ability user because only Water can suppress Fire. Senri confesses that he’s the Water ability user but his ability is way too weak. Aion explains that Senri’s ability is not in its complete form, it was split into two. The other half, is in Akito. Akito asks Senri to hand over the ability, and he’ll bring back Koharu. Senri refuses because he wants to go for Koharu himself. Akito budges and hands over his ability to Senri. In the end, it’s decided that Senri will go along with Masamune and Natsuhiko. Meanwhile, Koharu is persuaded by Mr. Yuiga to burn a country to a crisp. Unbeknownst to her, she was sent by Natsuhiko’s partner, Setsu, to her destination. After she leaves, Setsu contacted Natsuhiko and tells him that Koharu is heading east.

Happy EndEdit

Before arriving in the country, Koharu met Senri who came for her. Koharu refuses to go home with him because she needs to burn down the country behind him. Senri puts out every fire she started and gets overly exhausted. Worried, Koharu pleads him to stop but he walks towards her and embraces her. He confesses that he loves her and asks her to return with him. If she refuses to do so, he’ll curse her with a curse of never ever leaving his side. Koharu smiles and says that she was already cursed by that curse. Senri is happy to finally hear her feelings and they return to the ship safe and sound.

One day, Koharu went to get Senri for breakfast but he wants to skip it again. Koharu doesn’t give in, because they’re going to fight their enemies tomorrow and they need to stock up their energy. Senri doesn’t want to live this kind of life – destroying enemies’ weapons and retrieving them. Instead he wishes to live in a cave, or any other place where no light can reach in. Koharu pouts and asks him if he doesn’t care about her. Senri gets up and leans by her side. He says that if he stays in his room, she’ll come for him. Besides, no one will interrupt them and they can do whatever they want. He then takes out something and gives it to her. It’s the wooden rabbit he promised he’d make for her.
Senri's Route 4
Koharu is extremely happy and Senri is relieved to know that she likes it. Koharu asks him if he’ll come to wake her up every morning and he promises her, saying that he’ll use the adult style of approach to wake her. Just then, Koharu realize that she cannot see Senri’s sleeping face if he came for her every morning and asks him to rotate the duty between the two of them. Senri agrees and blurts out that the best solution is to sleep together. Koharu doesn’t seem to hear that and invites him to go to the canteen together.

Tragic Love EndEdit

In the Bad End, Koharu managed to reach the country and sets it on fire. Senri arrives shortly after and blames himself for not making it in time. He asks her to return together but she says that she needs to return to Mr. Yuiga. Mr. Yuiga then appears and tries to take Koharu back with him. Senri uses his ability to stop Mr. Yuiga but the latter persuades Koharu that only he, can truly accept her. Koharu fights back and asks Senri not to hurt her precious Shiro. Senri only wishes to bring Koharu back safe and sound, he doesn’t care about anything else. Mr. Yuiga then says that it’s easy. 

Senri's Route 06

The solution is for Senri to follow him as well. Since Koharu couldn’t leave him, Senri doesn’t have any choices left but to stay with her. Mr. Yuiga then asks his soldiers to lock Senri and Koharu into his cage.

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