I'm scared of the thought that I would be dragging her into this attachment stemmed from ugly

—Sakuya, from the PV

Sakuya Nijou

Sakuya 2

Sakuya LastEra


Kanji 二条 朔也
Romaji Nijō Sakuya
Age 19
Birthday June 29
Zodiac Cancer
Height 176cm
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Status Alive

Deceased (Masamune's route)

Era Taisho Era
Race Ability user
Ability Precognition
Weaponry None
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuki Saiga
First Appearances
Manga Chapter 1
Game Prologue

Sakuya Nijou (二条 朔也 Nijō Sakuya) is one of the three selectable heroes in Mikoto Kuga's target group.


Sakuya has long silver hair which is tied into a ponytail and bangs that are split at the right. The white ribbon tying his hair matches Mikoto’s twin white ribbons. He is wearing the standard uniform which consists of black pants and a white polo but with a sweater and a black string tie in the middle. He is also wearing a fully sleeved, black knee length cape with white outlines. Like the others, he is wearing below-the-knees brown boots.


Sakuya has a gentle demeanor and treats women in a gentlemanly manner. While he treats everyone kindly, he cares a lot for his childhood friend, Mikoto. His interests include telling fortunes which never come true, as well as riddles.


  • Unlike other male characters, Sakuya is the only male character to be voiced by a female.
  • In Sakuya's route, he told Mikoto that in the future, he will die protecting the girl he loves which is why she made Sakuya promise not to fall in love with anyone.


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