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NORN9 Last Era
Last Era.jpg
Kanji NORN9 ノルン+ノネット ラストイーラ
Developer Otomate
Publisher Idea Factory
Genre Otome game
Platform PlayStation Vita
Released April 2, 2015

NORN9 Last Era is a fandisc of the NORN9 ~Norn + Nonette~ otome game.


The game contains three different story parts:

1) Prelude:

Prelude is a beginning game mode about Ability User who came into airship.

2) Concerto:

Concerto is a normal game mode picking up about couple after the series. Splitting into two parts:

  • Sun Concerto: Sun Concerto is happy mode for heroines and their's lovers about their life after the first game.
  • Moon Concerto: Moon Concerto is serious and conflicting mode about heroines and their's lovers relationships putting a test.

3) Fuga:

Fuga is a normal game mode about the boys viewpoint to the heroines from first game. This mode is suitable for Male audiance.

4) Fantasia:

Fantasia is a bonus game mode known as "what if" scenario if the heroines didin't fall in love with their group. This mode is suitable for younger audience.


A certain incident that had occurred in the real world and the dream world causes chaos aboard Norn. The Norn members had all become small in the dream world. They thought Itsuki was behind this, but apparently, this wasn’t the case.

“Even though we’ve become small… If it’s only in the dream world, it shouldn’t be an issue.”

That’s what everybody thought... However, problems also gradually arose in the real world. Finally not being able to endure this situation, they all use Heishi and Itsuki’s abilities to gather together.

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