I promise you, I will never do anything that will hurt you.

—Masamune, from the PV

Toya Masamune


Masamune Last Era.png


Kanji 遠矢 正宗
Romaji Tōya Masamune
Age 24
Birthday January 4
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 186cm
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Status Alive
Era Taisho Era
Race Ability user
Relatives Motohisa Tōya (relative)
Ability Retrocognition
Weaponry None
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuya Satō
First Appearances
Manga Chapter 1
Game Prologue

Masamune Tōya (遠矢 正宗 Tōya Masamune) is one of the three selectable heroes in Koharu's target group.


Toya has orange undercut hair and hazel eyes.

He wears a white t-shirt with blue designs covered under a black cape with white details. He also wears black pants and below-the-knees brown boots as well as black gloves, which are used to restrain his powers.


An older brother-like existence to the younger members of the ship, Masamune is good at looking after everyone. While he’s smart, he’s not skillful with his hands and is quite clumsy. He often reads up on books and possesses a wide spectrum of knowledge.


Masamune has the ability to see events in the past simply by touching a person or object with his right hand.


  • The name Masamune means "right, proper" (正) (masa) and "religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence" (宗) (mune).
  • Masamune's surname Tōya means "far, distant" (遠) () and "arrow" (矢) (ya).


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