Kevin Penkin
Kevin Penkin
Age 22
Birthday May 21, 1992
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Professional Status
Occupation Composer

Kevin Penkin is an award winning Australian composer who composes for video games, film and the concert stage. The game's background music was written and arranged by him.

History Edit

He is studying a Masters Degree in Composition at the Royal College of Music, for which he is a 'Tait Scholar' supported by the Tait Memorial Trust. He has also been awarded the Doctor Harold Schenberg music prize in music composition from the UWA School of Music. Kevin won "Outstanding Achievement for a Vocal Theme" at the 2013 Annual Video Game Music Awards for his song "I Race the Dawn", and was nominated for the 2012 Annual Game Music Awards held by Square Enix Music Online under the "Outstanding Achievement: Newcomer" category for his work on his debut project "Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden".

Kevin debuted at th age of 18, collaborating on a Japanese video game with legendary Final Fantasy Series composer, Nobuo Uematsu. The collaboration proved to be so successful, Kevin has now been in involved with Uematsu on 4 different video game projects.

In 2011, Kevin wrote music for his first successful Indie Game, "Defenders Quest". Recently, it was announced that Kevin is part of a new JRPG Kickstarter, codenamed "Project Phoenix", along with composers Nobuo Uematsu and Tomoki Miyoshi. The Kickstarter campaign over $1mil in 30 days and is, even now, continuing to be crowd funded through Paypal. Project Phoenix was recently listed on's "12 Video Game Soundtracks you have to hear in 2014".

As a composer of concert music, Penkin has been commissioned to write works for the Perth Symphony Orchestra and the Perth Chamber Orchestra. His work "Looking for Serenity" was premiered at the inaugural concert of the Perth Chamber Orchestra in the Perth GPO building in April 2013. Penkin also made his UK debut with the Royal College of Music Student Film Orchestra, who premiered his work "Atmosphere" in January 2014. Future performances of his work include a new work inspired Kevin's experience of leaving his hometown of Perth, Australia and moving to London.

Music Style Edit

His music style is a combination of classic music and trance music, making his music style unique and beautiful.

References Edit

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