Chapter 1

Picking up what had happened at the  prologue, Mikoto returned from the rooftop and informs the crew that the assaulter was the same person. Masamune will report it to ‘The World’ and Kakeru decides to split the 3 teams into 2 groups where his and Mikoto’s team are going to repair the damaged area on the second floor while Nanami’s team are going to check for any other damaged areas. At the second floor, Kakeru covers the hole with vines using his ability. After that, they started to clean the debris.

Later, Masamune asks Kakeru and the girl to help him harvest some peaches at the orchard. The girl went to get a sack to fill the peaches and bumps into Senri at the kitchen. Senri hands her the sack and she invites him to harvest the peaches together but hikikomori Senri rejects. She returns to the second floor and Kakeru asks her if she saw Senri at the first floor. She honestly answers that Senri is at the first floor and Kakeru happily prances off to ‘catch’ Senri. At the orchard, Masamune is filling peaches into the sack the girl is holding. Suddenly, they heard someone moaning and saw Kakeru dragging Senri towards them.

After harvesting the peaches, Kakeru suggests to wash some of them to eat. When washing, a peach slipped from the girl’s hands and she lost her balance when trying to retrieve it. Masamune and Kakeru who tried to help her fell into the pond with her. Senri, who thinks that they want to become fishies decides to join the fun and jumps into the pond. Kakeru suggests to play in the water, but the girl doesn’t know how to swim. Kakeru offers to teach her and tells her to ask them if she faces any problems. She suddenly remembers her name and tells them that it’s Koharu. The name was given by a traveler when she was still a child, so she doesn’t have a surname. Just then, Nanami and Akito came over to stop them from playing in the water.

Nanami brought Koharu back to a room to change her soaked clothes. Koharu tried to tell Nanami her name but Nanami interrupts and shoves her to the meeting room. At the meeting room, Mikoto explains that they were assaulted by the same man twice. She is very sure that her barrier is strong enough to protect the ship, but the second floor was attacked regardless. Mikoto suspects that there is a betrayer(with offensive ability) among them cooperating with the assaulter. Assuming that the betrayer might be more than one, Kakeru devised 2 plans.

Plan 1: Have everyone spill their ability, info, background etc.. They’re not required to do so under a rule but seeing the situation, they have no choice but to break the rule. Unfortunately, Nanami refuses and rejected the plan, so he proposes his second, and also last plan. Kakeru’s second/last plan is to further divide the crew into groups of two so that they can watch after one another. Most of them agree and Kakeru asks the girls to choose their partners first, though girls cannot pair up together. Reasons are as follows:

1) When anything happens, the boys can protect the girls.

2) Chances of the betrayer being a man is high.

3) The betrayer might be more than one so they need the girls to look after their guys 24/7

Koharu is worried about what the others will think of her when they discover her ability. She recalls what the man who named her and gave her the uniform said: ‘When you’re old enough to wear this, someone will come for you. Until then, you will… be freed from loneliness’

Chapter 2

Pairings are: Kakeru & Koharu, Senri & Masamune, Mikoto & Sakuya, Nanami & Ron and lastly, Akito & Heishi. After the meeting, Kakeru brings Koharu to the kitchen to store the peaches they harvested earlier. Kakeru asks Koharu if she treats him as a man which she admits. A short pause ensues and Koharu blurts out that she didn’t know Kakeru is a girl. She changes the calling of Kakeru-kun to Kakeru-chan, causing Kakeru to burst out laughing. He says that he’s just joking, he is a guy. Koharu apologizes for not getting the joke and a sense of guilt sprouts in Kakeru. The next day, Akito decides to use the peaches to make jams and pies. Koharu doesn’t know what ‘jams’ and ‘pies’ are, so she scribbles them down on a notepad to check the dictionary later. Akito asks her what she is doing and she honestly answers that she doesn’t know what jams and pies mean. Koharu asks Akito to teach her how to make jams and pies but before Akito can answer her, Kakeru hurls a chick towards the poor guy who then runs away in fear.

Koharu accompanies Kakeru to the second floor to check on the plants. Koharu wants to try growing a plant herself and Kakeru offers to help her. They head to the library where Kakeru shows her a pictorial book of plants. Koharu is attracted by a certain flower language – A happy family, respect and love. It’s the flower of strawberries. Kakeru tells her that she can have her own happy family if she takes in Kakeru’s surname. In other words, marry him and become Yuiga Koharu. Koharu is confused and asks Kakeru if it’s not a joke. Kakeru says that it’s literally what the words mean and says that Yuiga Koharu sounds nice. After saying that, he instantly blushes like a tomato. In the end, they decided to grow strawberries and bought the seedling from a town. The seedling is then planted in a pot.


The three girls are sharing two rooms among themselves and Koharu is now sharing a room with Nanami. Mikoto comes and invites them to bathe together. At the corridor in front of the bathroom, they bump into the guys. Itsuki frivolously asks the girls if he can join them. Mikoto tells him to stop joking and move aside or she’ll call the cops. Koharu ponders about what she should say in this kind of situation and blurts out that it’s fine if it’s Kakeru-chan. Remember the ‘joke’ earlier? The atmosphere suddenly stiffens and everyone froze on spot. Itsuki seems amused while Kakeru is left blushing. Koharu notices that things went really wrong and explains that it’s only a joke. Mikoto tells the girls to hurry up after recollecting herself. Before leaving, Kakeru grabs Koharu’s arm and whispers to her: ‘… It is forbidden to play that kind of joke on guys.’ Hearing this, Koharu blushed.

Koharu waters her strawberry seedling frequently. Days later, Koharu finds out that the seedling is wilting. Koharu panics, she suspects that the seedling is lacking sunlight and rushes to the rooftop. When she arrived, she trips and the pot slips out from her hand, breaking into pieces. Kakeru saw her and she tells him the condition of the seedling. Kakeru explains that she overwatered the plant and she should instead water it twice a day. Listening to his advice, Koharu did what Kakeru told her. One day, Koharu rushes to get Kakeru so that she can show him the seedling. A white flower has bloomed. Seeing the girl getting so happy, Kakeru hugs her as he couldn’t resist the urge. He tells her that she’s not alone anymore. She exclaims that it’s true because she has the strawberry plant with her now. Hearing this, Kakeru seems to get disappointed. Itsuki, who is standing at the front of the room with Heishi, makes fun of Kakeru for being unable to compete with a mere plant. Kakeru gets angry and manipulates some vines to punish the two guys for peeping.

Chapter 3

Kakeru and Koharu are moving their strawberry plant to the field. Kakeru praises Koharu’s hard work on growing the strawberry and she is happy to hear that. Mikoto shows up with Sakuya and notices some soil on Koharu’s face and clothes. She takes out a white handkerchief to clean off the soil. Mikoto says that being a girl, Koharu should be more aware of her appearance. Koharu then asks Mikoto to be her role model, surprising Mikoto, amusing Sakuya and disappointing Kakeru. Seeing Koharu’s puppy eyes, Mikoto gives in and promises the girl. After Mikoto left with Sakuya, Koharu notices that there’s dirt on Kakeru’s ear and silver earring. She tries to imitate Mikoto by cleaning off the dirt on Kakeru and reaches out her hand. Suddenly, her hand was swiftly slapped off by Kakeru on reflex, shocking her and hurting her hand in the process. Kakeru apologizes for his action. He isn’t comfortable having his earring touched by others. Koharu apologizes for acting on her own way and the incident ended awkwardly.

The next day, the girls are eating lunch together. Mikoto decides to leave the dining table. Koharu asks Mikoto if she’s full already but the latter replies that one should be moderate in eating. Hearing Mikoto’s reply, Koharu decides not to stuff herself anymore. She concludes that the road to being a lady is very severe and leaves the canteen. Koharu’s stomach growls. Itsuki chuckles and asks her if she didn’t take her lunch. She replies that she is trying to be more ladylike. Itsuki is curious of her motive on becoming a lady. Koharu thought that she wanted to be more ladylike because she saw the cute and feminine Mikoto has Sakuya by her side. Itsuki concludes that it’s because she wants to have a certain someone by her side. Koharu ponders about Itsuki’s statement and a scene of Kakeru embracing her flashes through. Itsuki playfully says that he should lend a helping hand to a troubled girl and asks Koharu to wait for him on the spot. He returns with a red kimono and hands it to Koharu. Before leaving, Itsuki gave Koharu an advice she should remember clearly: ‘A person doesn’t stay by a girl’s side just because she’s feminine, cute nor pretty.’

At night, Koharu decides to have a walk and she runs into Kakeru. They head to the pond. Kakeru asks Koharu how she is faring in her lady-to-be training. Koharu replies that it’s a road full of hardships. Koharu mentions that Mikoto and Sakuya are like prince and princess from a fairytale, where an ending of living happily ever after will always happen. She thought Kakeru will be happy if she becomes more feminine but Kakeru says that he is satisfied with the current Koharu. He changes the topic and tells her the origin of his silver earring. It belonged to his deceased father. Young Kakeru travelled around the world with his father. Unfortunately, his father was murdered when the poor kid was around ten. Luckily, Kakeru obtains his ability and he was taken in by a family. Kakeru asks Koharu about her ability but she is reluctant to tell him. He decides to call it a day and they return to their respective rooms.


The following day at the canteen, Koharu wishes to return the kimono to Itsuki, as she already understands the meanings behind his advice and Itsuki agrees with a smile. Before starting their breakfast, Akito grumbles that Kakeru and Masamune are late for breakfast. Koharu went to check up on them. Masamune informs Koharu that Kakeru caught a cold. Koharu asks Masamune to let her look after the ill Kakeru which the latter approves. At night, Kakeru calls out to his father in his sleep and he woke up. Koharu who was nursing him, is worried, so she holds his hand to calm him and then they fell asleep holding hands. The next morning, while Koharu and Akito are preparing porridge for Kakeru, an unidentified person entered Kakeru’s room when Kakeru was sleeping soundly and left before Koharu and Akito returned. Later, Kakeru wakes up in time for his porridge. While eating, he notices that something is missing – his silver earring.

Chapter 4

Koharu and Akito failed to find Kakeru’s earring but Mr. Stubborn Kakeru wants to continue searching for his earring. Koharu tries to stop him as he has yet to fully recover but he left Koharu alone without saying another word. Koharu decides to do whatever she can to cheer up Kakeru and she went around asking for ideas. Sakuya agrees to do a fortune telling and asks Koharu to focus her thoughts on Kakeru. After getting some visions, he starts to describe what he saw: A traveler with a dog, he has an objective but he was moved by a will different from his own. For the traveler without numbers, his journey will turn out to be a discovery or an escape…… the future will change in accordance to the journey’s outcome. Koharu feels a chill down her spine hearing the prediction. Sakuya apologizes for being unable to elaborate further as he detests telling the future. After he left, Koharu ponders about the traveler in Sakuya’s prediction. Is it herself? Kakeru? Or is it someone else? Meanwhile, Kakeru’s earring was never found though he still acts as his usual self as if nothing has happened.

Kakeru has fully recovered and is helping out Koharu, Senri and Masamune at the field. Kakeru tried to activate his ability but he couldn’t. Koharu suggests Kakeru not to overdo himself but he snaps at her, causing her to flinch. Kakeru apologizes and asks her to help Masamune instead. Koharu walks away but she’s worried about Kakeru acting weirder and weirder. One day, Koharu couldn’t stand watching Kakeru behaving strangely anymore and confronts him regarding his condition. Koharu thinks that they aren’t getting along well enough because Kakeru is faking smiles in front of her. She doesn’t want Kakeru to force himself but Kakeru snaps at her again. He turns his back at her. Koharu reaches out her hand to caress his back. Kakeru says that he couldn’t find his earring no matter how hard he searched for it. It was the only object that reminds him of his father and having the earring by his side calms him. He pleads Koharu to tell him that he isn’t himself but Koharu keeps silent as the words weren’t in her mind.

After having lunch, the three girls are sitting in the canteen, troubled with their respective partners. Just then, Itsuki pops out and gives them an amidakuji. He asks them to make their own choice and results will be announced that night. At night, the three girls wake up in a dream world and are welcomed by neko Itsuki. He announces that the girls need to find their own precious person to return to the real world and prances off. Since Mikoto(Cinderella) and Nanami(Little Red Riding Hood) doesn’t understand their fairy tales, Koharu(Snow White) briefs them with the stories. Unfortunately, the two girls comprehend their stories wrongly and they depart to the dream world without letting Koharu have the chance to correct them. Koharu stays at a dwarf’s chick’s house. The two girls came to her and she entertained them. Nanami was hunting down Wolfie Akito while Mikoto asked for her glass slippers but ended up leaving to track down her prince instead. Koharu decides to search for her ‘witch’ and enters the woods. Just then, she bumps into a hooded guy. Koharu identifies the guy as Kakeru and he says that he is the Poisoned Apple.                         


Kakeru sarcastically says that it’s the best role for him – hiding under a disguise and fooling others. No matter how hard he tries to be a good person, the ‘poison’ inside him will not disappear, as he is the poison itself. Branches grow out from Kakeru’s fingers and he tries to ‘kill’ himself, only to have Koharu stop him. She embraces him and kisses his cheek. Koharu says that even though other people treat his ‘poison’ as a fault or a weakness, she treasures everything of Kakeru. It’s fine even if Kakeru does it slowly, but Koharu wants Kakeru to be the real him in front of her. They share a kiss and Koharu wakes up from the dream. Koharu exits her room and goes for a stroll. She saw Ron sleeping on a bench. Koharu went closer and she spots Kakeru’s silver earring in Ron’s hand. She tries to take the earring but Ron wakes up and catches her hand. Koharu asks Ron to return the earring to Kakeru. Ron replies that the earring is a dangerous item and it would be better if it was disposed. Koharu thinks that Kakeru should be the one deciding and activates her ability – Fire. She managed to retrieve the earring and runs away after apologizing to Ron.

Chapter 5

Koharu has yet to return Kakeru’s silver earring. Kakeru says that he saw a strange dream last night. They both recall the kissing scene and blushed like tomatoes. Even though Koharu is really embarrassed, she remains silent and fixes her eyes on Kakeru. Their eyes met and they both turn red again. Senri saw everything and says that they look like newlyweds, it’s disgusting. Kakeru gets angry and as usual, he starts to bully Senri with a smile. Kakeru asks Koharu if she wants to join him. But as soon as he saw Koharu staring at him in disbelief, he released Senri immediately, surprising Masamune and Kakeru himself. Kakeru asks Koharu if she is mad at him but she denies it and the guy gives out a relieved sigh. Masamune, who stares at Koharu astonishingly, asks the girl when she learned such a skill – being able to control Kakeru without even saying a word. Koharu is confused at Masamune’s question and Kakeru hastily sweeps Koharu away from Masamune and Senri.


Koharu was brought to the library. Kakeru mentions the dream again, saying that it was a sweet dream. He is annoyed that situation in the dream he saw was better than the reality. Kakeru asks Koharu if in reality, she can accept him, albeit ‘poisoned’. Just like in the dream, Koharu tiptoed and kissed him in the lips, she sincerely tells Kakeru to be his real self whenever she’s around. Just then, someone enters the library. It’s Sorata. Kakeru pulls Koharu into his arms and tells her to keep quiet. Shortly after, Sorata left. Koharu, still embraced by Kakeru, doesn’t want to leave his arms. He tells her to take responsibility and they kiss. After he releases her, she knocks into a bookshelf and books fall off. The two starts to tidy up the books and Kakeru finds his silver earring on the floor. Koharu is shocked to see it on the floor. She realizes that it must have dropped out from her pocket when she knocked into the bookshelf earlier. Kakeru retrieves his earring but Koharu is having a bad feeling. He sees a Tarot Card – The Fool and Koharu recalls Sakuya’s prediction. The traveler without numbers. Koharu suspects that it’s referring to Kakeru and asks Kakeru not to wear his earring. Kakeru promises Koharu because he has her by his side now.

At night, Kakeru and Masamune announce that they are stopping at a town for the last time. Koharu understands that they are going to arrive at their destination soon and their time together is coming to an end. Koharu feels sad. She didn’t sleep well that night. The next day, the guys are out to the town. Mikoto and Nanami are worried about Koharu, so Nanami promises to bring Kakeru back to Koharu. After Mikoto and Nanami left, Koharu took a short nap. When she woke up, nobody has returned yet. Koharu exits her room and bumps into Ron. He asks Koharu if she is still keeping the earring, and if she is, she should dispose it, or even burn it. Suddenly, there is a loud noise and a robot marches in. Ron asks Koharu to show him her ability by burning down the robot but she refused. Koharu gets caught by the robot. Ron is a little disappointed for being unable to see Koharu’s fire and pulls out two guns. He faces the scared Koharu and aims his gun at her, saying: ‘Goodbye’. A gunshot is heard.


Meanwhile, Kakeru is hurrying back to the ship with Heishi telling him to slow down. Kakeru asks Heishi if he heard something but the latter did not. Kakeru dashes towards the ship, leaving Heishi chasing after him. At the ship, Ron is amused by the power of Koharu’s ability. The robot was burned down. Kakeru appears and Koharu is happy to see her guy. Another robot appears and walks towards Koharu. Kakeru activates his ability but it did no damage. The robot continues to walk forward and Koharu rushes to Kakeru’s side. She stands in front of Kakeru, facing her back at him. She decides to activate her ability. Fire starts to burn around Koharu and Kakeru was dumbstruck.

Chapter 6

At night, Koharu shuts herself in her room. Kakeru threatens to destroy the door with an axe he brought(he didn’t have it, he made it up to trick her). Koharu immediately opens the door and bursts out from her room. Kakeru smiles and says that he’s merely bluffing. In her room, Koharu apologizes for hiding her ability. Kakeru comforts the girl and says that her ability isn’t something to be afraid of because it protected the crews from harm.  Her fire will burn down Kakeru’s greens but she still wants to stay by his side. Kakeru replies that he feels the same. He embraces the crying Koharu and reassures her that he’ll protect her.

The next day, during their mealtime, Masamune announces that they’re arriving at their destination 3 days later. After finishing their meals, Koharu is feeling down to know that their time together is ending soon. Kakeru tells her that he will figure something out so that she won’t be left alone nor forced to use her ability. He asks her to show him her cute smile which causes Koharu to get embarrassed. Kakeru starts his confession of love and asks her to face him. Koharu blushes and says that he’s mean. Kakeru retorts that he’s just being honest. Just then, Koharu spots Masamune behind Kakeru. Masamune is making a ‘uh oh dang it I stepped on a landmine face. He apologizes to Kakeru but the latter makes his trademark smile and replies: ‘If you pack your futon and camp outside the room for 3 days starting from today then I’ll forget what you did’. Koharu tries to leave but Masamune stops her and asks for a handshake. Kakeru intervenes and offer his hand instead. Just when Masamune budges and reaches out his hand, an explosion occurred. Masamune tells the two to take emergency measures and rushes away. Kakeru went to search for the other crew members while Koharu is told to go to the canteen.


At the canteen, Koharu sees Heishi and asks him contact everyone else and tell them to assemble at the canteen. After Heishi contacted the crews, everyone except Kakeru, Senri and Masamune came to the canteen. Worried, Koharu dashed out from the canteen. At the rooftop, Kakeru finally figured out that Ron’s the betrayer and tells Ron to leave the ship when his comrade arrive. Ron asks Kakeru if he was ordered by his father to act like he’s moving on his own will. Ron adds that it might be more interesting if Kakeru continued to wear his earring when he retrieved it. Kakeru, confused and furious, attacked Ron with his ability. Meanwhile, Koharu is rushing towards the rooftop. When she arrives, she finds Kakeru, wounded and bleeding, laying on the grass. She dashes towards the guy. Just then, a guy pops out of nowhere and says that he has come for Koharu. Koharu is shocked to see the man and Kakeru is making an ‘unbelievable’ face. Kakeru manages to spit out the words ‘Father…’ which shocked Koharu even further. Masamune arrives and orders the man to get lost.

The man asks Koharu to come with him but Natsuhiko appears. Natsuhiko says that he has been hunting him and now he’s here to finish him off. The man took the wounded Kakeru and left. Natsuhiko tells Masamune to forget about Kakeru and secure Koharu because it’s the end of the world if Koharu falls into tha man’s hands. Natsuhiko then leaves to hunt down the man. Koharu, emotionally unstable, tries to chase after Kakeru but Masamune holds her back. He says that the journey itself is an ultimate disaster and Kakeru is now their enemy. Koharu starts to lose control and recalls her night with Kakeru. Kakeru tells her that she has a nice name and she says that it was given to her by a traveler(aka Kakeru's father). She says that nobody would call her name and Kakeru promises her that he’ll call her name a lot of times from now onwards. He confesses that he loves her and asks her to be with him forever.

Chapter 7

Masamune brings the remaining crew to their destination, ‘The World’s place. When they arrive at a room in the building, Masamune calls out for Aion, aka ‘The World’. To solve the problem, the government devised a plan ‘Reset’. The world will be resetted into its former greenish state. To start a Reset, the ability users’ abilities are needed. Barriers(Mikoto) to protect lives, Fire(Koharu) to burn history, Water(Senri and Akito) to heal the earth, Greens(Kakeru) to bring back greens. Reset also erases people’s memories(Nanami). If the ability users want Aion to do the Reset, they need to return their abilities to Aion and she’ll do the dirty work.

Since Aion is getting ‘older’, this will be the last Reset. Koharu asks Aion if she can save Kakeru and Aion replies that Kakeru was already brainwashed by his father when she realized it. Although an accident happened and Kakeru was separated from him, Kakeru remained brainwashed. Koharu suspects that Kakeru’s silver earring is behind the brainwashing stuff. Sakuya suggests that there might be a motive behind Kakeru’s brainwash and Masamune answers that Kakeru's father wants to return to 2056 and he is after Koharu, but his ultimate motive remains unclear. Aion states that Koharu is determined to save Kakeru and she’ll listen to no one. Koharu finds it hard to convince the others that Kakeru did nothing wrong. As usual, Heishi says that Kakeru’s feelings towards Koharu belongs only to Kakeru. Aion thinks that there might be a way to save Kakeru but before she can say the method, her body dissolved.

The building was attacked. Akito asks Koharu if she can help with the battle and she agrees. He asks her if it’s fine even if the foe is Kakeru, Koharu admits that she wants to protect everyone but she’s still scared that her flame might burn Kakeru. Heishi alerts the group that two men are approaching. Ron and Natsuhiko appears and Mikoto questions Natsuhiko if he attacked the building. Natsuhiko denies it and says that it was done by Mr. PedoBear’s army. Natsuhiko is going to finish off Kakeru's father for good and orders Ron to come with him. Akito wishes to tag along and Natsuhiko approves. Akito asks Koharu to come with him. Only Koharu is capable of saving Kakeru. If any mishaps happen, Akito will make sure that he extinguishes Koharu’s fire. Koharu accepts and they depart. Nanami catches up and says that she wants to follow. Koharu agrees and they continue forward.


The group is busy fighting with the robots. Just then, vines start to grow and trap their movement. Akito says that it’s Kakeru’s handiwork and the guy might be near. They start to run away from the vines that are trying to stop them. They finally meet with Kakeru who seems lifeless. Koharu dashes towards him and he activated his ability. The vines are aiming for Ron and the two of them started a duel. Koharu keeps pleading the two to stop but Natsuhiko says that her voice won’t reach Kakeru at this state. Natsuhiko aims his gun at Kakeru but is halted by Koharu. Nanami rushes to Ron’s side and tries to defend him.

Happy Ending


That moment, Koharu finally realizes that Nanami treasures Ron. She recalls Kakeru telling her that her fire isn’t frightening because her fire won’t hurt anyone, instead it can be used to protect. Koharu resolves to protect Kakeru and activates her ability. Initially, Koharu isn’t scared of her ability because the flame is warm and gentle as if it’s protecting her. Unfortunately, people got afraid and avoided her. The flames went rampage, feelings of pain and sadness caused her fire to hurt others. She detests her ability but she couldn’t find a way to stop it. Eventually, she was left alone. But now, she clearly understands that the flame is just protecting the weak her. Aion tells Koharu that if she maintains a clear heart, her fire won’t hurt anyone. Koharu’s back sprouts wings of flames and she embraces Kakeru who regained his senses. Kakeru apologizes to Koharu. If she did not stop him, he might’ve killed Nanami. Kakeru doesn’t want to lose Koharu as he loves her. Koharu says that she feels the same and he confesses that he wants to be with her forever. They then share a kiss. Back in the building, Natsuhiko informs Masamune that Kakeru's father kicked the bucket and his corpse is found. There’s still a lot to take care of until the earth is returned to its former glory.


Since the war has ended and all’s well that ends well, Koharu returned to her village with Kakeru. Kakeru asks Koharu if she brought the strawberry plant with her. With this vast land, they can plant a field of strawberries together. Koharu says that the wind is getting stronger and they should head back to their house. Kakeru insists that he’s fine and lies down on the field with Koharu in his arms. Kakeru feels happy because Koharu is by his side. Kakeru is still haunted by the side effects of the brainwash. Koharu thinks that he is strong because even though he is suffering, he can still say that he is happy. Kakeru asks Koharu if there’s really no one who’ll come here. Koharu replies that only stray horses and cows will appear sometimes. Kakeru is relieved to know that he can now embrace Koharu as much as he wants. Koharu is embarrassed and says that their house is right ahead and they can go inside to do whatever he wants. Kakeru tells her that she doesn’t understand this kind of freedom and Koharu retorts that she doesn’t want to understand. He gives in and says that he’ll control himself. He asks her if he can kiss her. He tells her that it’s only the two of them, nobody is watching and they kiss. Once again, Kakeru confesses his love to Koharu and says that he’ll never let go of her, he’ll protect her no matter what.

Tragic Ending


In the bad end, Koharu didn’t make a move to prevent Kakeru from killing Nanami. So Nanami ends up getting pierced through by Kakeru’s greens. Ron tries to take revenge for Nanami but Natsuhiko holds him back. Koharu gets emotionally unstable, starts screaming ‘Stop!’ and eventually puts up a fire. Later, Kakeru is shown to be bringing Koharu to his father. Koharu pleads Kakeru to wait but he thinks that there’s no reason for him to do so. Kakeru says that his work is done here and left Koharu with his father. No matter how much Koharu pleads Kakeru not to leave, Kakeru continues to walk away. Kakeru's father then says that he regrets letting the girl go and he’ll spend the rest of his time with Koharu.

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