We will never end. That's why, as always, please show me that cute smile.

—Kakeru, from the PV

Kakeru Yuiga

Kakeru 2

Kakeru LastEra


Kanji 結賀 駆
Romaji Yuiga Kakeru
Also Known As Kakeru-kun (by Koharu)
Kakeru-chan (by Koharu; twice)
Age 18
Birthday July 25
Zodiac Leo
Height 176cm
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Status Alive
Era Taisho Era
Race Ability user
Relatives Shirō Yuiga (Father)
Haruka Yuiga (Deceased mother)
Ability Controlling greenery
Weaponry None
Voice Actors
Japanese Yūki Kaji
First Appearances
Manga Chapter 0
Game Prologue

Kakeru Yuiga (結賀 駆 Yuiga Kakeru) is one of the three selectable heroes in Koharu's target group.


Kakeru has blonde hair and silver eyes. The metal cuff on his left ear is a memento of his father. He always wears the standard uniform consisting of an inserted white polo with a long black tie and a brown belt holding his black pants. Like the others, he has on a black cape with white details, which is fully sleeved with grey, folded edges.


The game introduces him as a bright and gentle young lad. He has a sadistic streak, as proven when he treats Senri Ichinose like his ‘toy’. He’s quick on his feet and brings the members together with both his positive and "go-at-my-own-pace" personality. He seems to enjoy teasing Koharu. But she innocently accepts the jokes he throws at her, which sometimes causes Kakeru to feel a sense of guilt.

History Edit

Ability Edit

  • Controlling greenery

Kakeru has the ability to control and summon greenery. He is able to make any plant, flower, or tree grow at his command. His ability is both stable and powerful.

Trivia Edit

  • He waits for an exact three minutes while brewing tea in order for it to be delicious.
  • He hates it when people try to touch his ear cuff.
  • Although he likes to tease other people, he does not like it when other people tease him back.


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