Heishi Otomaru


Otomaru LastEra


Kanji 乙丸 平士
Romaji Otomaru Heishi
Also Known As Otomaru-san (by Nanami)
Age 19
Birthday December 18
Zodiac Sagittarius
Height 178cm
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Status Alive
Era Taisho Era
Race Ability user
Professional Status
Occupation Shinobue player
Ability Telepathy
Weaponry Gun (in his bad end only; once)
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroyuki Yoshino
First Appearances
Manga Chapter 1
Game Prologue

Heishi Otomaru (乙丸 平士 Otomaru Heishi) is one of the three selectable heroes in Nanami Shiranui's target group.


Heishi has messy mauve hair and hazel eyes. He is wearing the standard uniform but with some changes, such as a patterned tie. Although he still wears the black pants, slightly below the knee brown boots and a white polo which is inserted, showing his brown belt.


Energetic and friendly, Heishi can be considered the mood maker of the team. He is often seen smiling and even if something upsetting happens, he is quick to switch gears. He possesses telepathy and when his emotions run high, he has a tendency to ‘leak’ out his thoughts to other people. Even if it isn’t in words, his feelings more or less pour out so he can hardly hide anything from the rest. Besides being able to ‘talk’ to many people at once, he’s also able to sense the basic emotions from other people.

History Edit

When Heishi was still young, he was bad with using words to convey his feelings. Even though he didn’t say anything about his feelings, the people around him seems to notice his feelings due to his ability and it causes a lot of trouble for his family. It was still bearable when he was small but when he grew older, his parents got fed up with him and they abandoned him. He got adopted by some nomads and learnt how to play the Shinobue (Japanese transverse flute) in order to earn a living.

Ability Edit

  • Telepathy

His ability is telepathy, although it is very unstable, as his personal thoughts and feelings often leak out.

Trivia Edit

  • He is shown to be a Yandere in his route's tragic end.


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