The dialogue for Chapter 0:

Koharu: That day, traveler-san said..
Traveler: Listen up, I will come and get you when you turn 17. And then, you..

5 Years Later

- The Norn ship slowly lands -
Sorata: What.. What is that?
Koharu: A flying ship.. It is here to get me! It really is here for me!
Sorata: Is that the thing you were talking about..
Koharu: Let's go Sorata-kun!
Sorata: Wai.. Wait! I know I shouldn't be saying this, but it's dangerous after all! Because we don't know who is on the ship and where the ship is going right?
Koharu: It's the same as when you, Sorata-kun, was lost and followed me, a stranger!
Sorata: What?! I also have someone that I can trust!
- A vine appear and grabs Koharu's foot -
Koharu: No, no but.. Huh?!
- Kakeru and Akito appear -
Kakeru: Hm. That's strange. I heard that there was only one person..
- Kakeru grabs hold of Koharu's hand -
Koharu: Kyaa!
Kakeru: What's going on?
Koharu: Um.. Er.. This person.. I am..
- Mikoto and Nanami appear -
Mikoto: Stop. Really.. Aren't you acting too violent even though you're just gathering information?
Nanami: She.. is frightened..
Akito: Tsk.
Mikoto: Can you stand?
Koharu: Yes!
Mikoto: Sorry that we startled you. We are the members of the ship. As our new member, we welcome you.
Koharu: Please.. Please take care of me!
Mikoto: But.. Let me confirm one thing. Are you an ability user as well?
Koharu: *gulp* Yes.. I am.. an ability user!
Mikoto: Good. Then there is no problem.
Kakeru: No problem, huh.. Well, it's okay for now. Come. I'll introduce you to other people.
Koharu: Okay!

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