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Chapter 1


That day, Koharu met a traveler. He says when she turns 17, he will come and get her.

5 Years Later

One day, a flying ship, Norn, landed. As Sorata wonders what it is due to the fact it is a giant globe that floats in midair, Koharu is shocked, saying it really has come to get her just as the traveler had said in the past. Koharu tells him to get aboard with her but Sorata says that it's dangerous because they do not know who is on the ship nor it's destination. Koharu replies saying it's the same as him for he followed her, a complete stranger. As they start arguing, vines start to appear and grabs hold of Koharu's foot. Kakeru and Akito appear. Kakeru then says it was odd since he thought there was only one person boarding the ship. Kakeru then grabs hold of Koharu's hand as Akito pushes Sorata down. Just then, Mikoto and Nanami appear and stop the guys. Mikoto comments on how violent they are acting despite only being there to collect information. Nanami also comments, saying Koharu is frightened, making Kakeru let go of her. Mikoto then helps Koharu up and apologizes for startling them. Mikoto introduces them as the members of the ship and welcomes them and asks if she is an ability user as well. Just before answering, Koharu gulps and then confirms that she is an ability user. Mikoto says if that was so then there is no problem. Kakeru then retorts saying there are no problems for now. He then lends a hand to Koharu and tells her to come with him as he'll introduce her to other people. Koharu agrees and walks towards Kakeru.

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Characters Appearance
Shirō Yuiga (traveler) Minor
Koharu Major
Sorata Suzuhara Major
Kakeru Yuiga Major
Akito Syukuri Major
Mikoto Kuga Major
Nanami Shiranui Major
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