Chapter 1Edit

Picking up what had happened at the prologue, Heishi is worried that the ship will shake again, and asks Nanami to hold onto Ron, only to get replied by Nanami with a short: ‘No.’ Kakeru and company came into the canteen and everyone stayed there to wait for the attack to stop. After the attacker left, they split into two groups, in which Kakeru’s and Mikoto’s team are going to repair the damaged second floor and Heishi’s team is going to check whether if there are still any other damaged areas.

Nanami’s team decides to start from the top floor- the rooftop, and on their way up they saw the wall on the second floor to be severely damaged. They’re surprised that the attacker is able to break Mikoto’s barrier and comments that the attacker must be very skilled. Heishi complains that he cannot understand difficult things and suggests to let Kakeru handle it. Ron approaches Nanami and asks her what she thinks about the way the damaged was done, but he brushes it off saying it’s fine if she isn’t suspicious about anything.

At the top floor, they’re discussing about ‘The World’. Nanami says that she’ll obey any orders from ‘The World’, which angered Akito and he walks away. Heishi follows Akito and left Ron with Nanami. Ron doesn’t think that Nanami is a bad person, because she has friends (Heishi and Itsuki). Nanami denies it, saying that there’s no point of making friends here, because they’re going to separate when they arrive at their destinations. It’ll surely be sad when they’re parting ways but even though separated, they’re still friends, so Ron encourages Nanami to make some. He suggests Nanami to start with him but she’s not interested in becoming friends with someone who can’t even remember her name.

Later on, Heishi communicates with them through telepathy and asks them to go and check the second floor together. After Heishi cuts off, Nanami states that it’s pointless to go to the second floor since Kakeru’s in-charge of that floor, but they head there anyways. Nanami is surprised to find that the hole made from earlier is already covered with Kakeru’s vines. Heishi communicates through his telepathy again and asks them to head to the first floor instead. Before going to the first floor, Nanami and Ron discuss about how the wall was damaged. She points out that it’s strange that Mikoto’s barrier isn’t strong enough to protect the second floor seeing that Mikoto did manage to protect the rooftop which was actually being attacked. She made a conclusion but finds it hard to put it into words. Ron helps her say it out instead, and Nanami is surprised that what they both think are exactly the same. Nanami thinks that she needs to discuss this with someone but she forbids Ron from telling Heishi what they just discussed.

When they arrive at the first floor, Heishi tells Ron to go ahead with Akito as he notices that something is wrong with Nanami and asks her to confess. Nanami doesn’t want to and tells him not to ask any further. Suddenly, they heard a loud splash and see Mikoto running towards them panting. Heishi comments that Mikoto looks like some pervert, only to get glared at by Mikoto when he accidentally reads her mind and sent shivers down his spine. It looks like Kakeru and his teammates are playing in the water, and Nanami is requested to go and stop them from playing any further. Nanami tells Heishi to go and complete their task first or they won’t finish it on time. After Heishi leaves, Nanami asks Mikoto about what she thinks regarding the damaged caused at the second floor but Mikoto didn’t gave her an answer.

Nanami heads to the pond and sees Akito. He asked about her conversation with Mikoto just now but she doesn’t answer. We flashback to see what Ron told Nanami earlier. He thinks that the one who attacked them is most likely due to hatred, very deep hatred like a grudge or something, towards someone in the ship. Back to the present, Nanami asks what Akito thinks, if it was the canteen which was destroyed earlier. Akito doesn’t get what she meant and she tells him that she’ll die. Akito questions her that if she dies, will 'that person' return back to normal? He then walks to yell at Kakeru and company to stop playing with water after stating that what she just said is meaningless.

Before going back, Kakeru requests Nanami to come to the meeting room after having the strange girl done changing her clothes. He tells her to be quick since he doesn’t like waiting for other people. At the meeting room, Mikoto explains that the ship was actually attacked 3 times altogether, 2 out of 3 times, she saw the attacker, a young man, but she isn’t sure whether if he has any helpers or not. Mikoto also confirms that during that time, her barrier is very strong at every corners of the ship, except for the rooftop, which is why she rushed there in the first place. Since the barrier is strong enough to withstand incoming attacks, she concludes that there’s someone among them helping the attacker and should be one with an ability to attack.

Kakeru devised 2 plans to find out who the culprit is. The first one is to have everyone spill out their abilities, background, etc. Before this happened, they aren’t required to do so as there’s a rule which doesn’t need them to disclose their infos. Seeing the current situation, they have no choice but to break the rule. But Nanami doesn’t want to tell anyone her ability no matter what but she isn’t the culprit either, so Akito asks Kakeru to say his second plan. His other plan is to further divide the people here into groups of two, so that they can watch after one another more carefully. Most of them agree so Kakeru decide to let the girls choose first, but the girls cannot pair up together.

Reasons are as follows:

1) When anything happened, the boys can protect the girls

2) Chances of the culprit being a man is high.

3) The culprit might be more than one so they need the girls to look after their guys 24/7

After that, Nanami recalls someone telling her that her ability can save people from despair, sadness, pain, sufferings. He said that even though ‘The World’ requested for her help and wants her to protect world peace, only 'he' can put Nanami’s ability in good use. Back to the present, Nanami resolves to be someone of use, and hopes that she can use her ability to protect someone.

Chapter 2Edit

The pairing this time round is: Nanami & Akito, Koharu & Kakeru, Senri & Masamune, Sakuya & Itsuki and lastly, Heishi & Ron. Kakeru hopes that they can get along well, but Akito is obviously unhappy getting paired up with Nanami. The next morning, Nanami becomes a stalker and starts to stalk Akito. At the canteen, Heishi grumbles about not having meat for recent meals and asks Akito to cook it for them. Heishi also asks Nanami if she likes Akito’s cooking and she says yes. That night, Masamune asks Akito and Sakuya if they need to replenish any supplies since he’s discussing with Kakeru about when to land the ship. Akito wants some meat and miso while Sakuya wants some medicine. After Masamune and Akito left, Sakuya asks Nanami who’s hiding, about what she wants to do with Akito. She replies that she’s his partner and thus, she needs to watch over him. Sakuya wants to ask further but Nanami says that she wants to sleep and returns to her room. Sakuya thinks that he needs to discuss it with Kakeru regarding the pair’s problem.

One day, the three girls head to the canteen with Itsuki and Heishi who happen to pass by. On their way there, Nanami spots Akito going upstairs and decides to  follow him. Nanami arrives at the rooftop and sees Akito with some mysterious guy. The guy disappeared and Akito questions Nanami why she’s here. Nanami instead asks Akito who the guy is and whether if they’re the culprits. Akito tells her to go ahead and report it to ‘The World’ if she thinks so but she doesn’t say anything. Akito asks her for the reason she decided to pair up with him. Nanami knows that he has no ability and is afraid that it’ll be known to others if he paired up with Heishi or Ron, that’s why it’ll be better if he pairs up with her since she’ll help him keep the secret. Suddenly, Nanami feels dizzy and almost falls out from a hole at the rooftop. Akito reacts quickly and reaches out to grab her hand trying to pull her up.


Just then, some vines pulled them in and Kakeru shows up. Kakeru is irritated that they’re still bickering without even saying a ‘thank you’ to him for saving them and tightens the vines around them. He walks to them and takes out a pair of handcuffs. He puts it on Akito and Nanami and tells them that it’s made by Sorata and the chicks and it cannot be taken off without a key. Kakeru says that they can still separate and go to the toilet for a short 30 minutes by pushing a button at the handcuffs and leaves them.

Chapter 3Edit

Akito and Nanami rush down to search for Kakeru. They find Kakeru near the pond but he trips them with his vines and walks away, coughing. Nanami suggests not to chase Kakeru any further and Akito pushes the button to separate themselves. He walks away leaving Nanami with a bad feeling about it. Nanami is approached by the girls who then invite her to bathe together and she agrees. At the bathroom, the girls are relaxing themselves but they hear Akito screaming out loud suddenly. Nanami decides to go out to check and finds out that Akito was electrocuted by the handcuffs. It seems that if the ones that are handcuffed are separated for 30 minutes and above, one of them will experience an electric shock. Nanami connects the handcuffs back and Akito decides to go to the chick's room (because that’s where Sorata’s living) to ask Sorata a way to unlock the handcuffs.

When they arrive, Akito is taking deep breaths to prepare himself before facing the ‘chick army.’
Akito's Route 2
Nanami decides to wait for a while until Akito opens the door. He’s shocked to see the chicks and tries to run away, only to get stopped by Nanami. Sorata comes out in his chick outfit, causing Akito to get frightened further. Nanami asks Sorata for a way to unlock the handcuffs but the only key to unlock it, is with Kakeru. They head to Kakeru’s room, only to find out that Kakeru is sick and Koharu is looking after him with Senri. Akito decides to go in and beat up Kakeru for the key without caring about how Kakeru is feeling. Koharu turns angry at Akito, saying that she won’t let Akito in and that she’ll inform their problems to Kakeru when he recovers.

After that, Akito suggests to sleep at the canteen and Nanami agrees. At the canteen, Nanami says that it’ll be better if she’s the one getting electrocuted. Akito yells, calling her an ‘idiot’ and says that girls cannot stand electric shocks, but Nanami retorts that she can. Itsuki came in because Akito intends to ask Itsuki about transferring ability but Nanami doesn’t like to hear about it because she hates her ability. After Itsuki left, Masamune and Sakuya enter the canteen. Akito pushes the button to separate them for tonight without listening to Nanami’s concern about him getting electrocuted again. Seeing things turning out like this, Masamune suggests Nanami to stop pairing up with Akito.

Nanami returns to her room but she’s worried about Akito and decides to search for him. She spots him somewhere near the pond and connect the handcuffs back together. Akito asks why she’s coming for him since he said something rude to her.
Akito's Route 3
She explains that the reason she pairs up with him is to help him out but Akito suggests to stop pairing up together and Nanami agrees. The next morning, Akito tells Nanami that he’ll inform the others about the pairing stuff and asks her to pair up with Heishi. After that, they walk to the canteen only to hear that Mikoto is missing…

Chapter 4Edit

Everyone searched high and low for Mikoto but they couldn’t find her, and they also found out that Ron is missing. Akito and Nanami head to the rooftop, Akito suggests to search around and mentions about Mikoto’s barrier ability, stating that she won’t die easily with the said ability. Senri comes to the rooftop and helps them unlock their handcuffs with the key he got from Kakeru. Akito decides to leave the rooftop but Nanami suddenly recalls what Mikoto said before, that as long as she’s alive, the barrier protecting them will be there. Nanami throws her kunais up to the ceiling to prove that the barrier is still around and that Mikoto is still alive but the kunais cannot reach the height where the barrier should be at. She searches around and throws her kunai towards the hole. A sound of objects clashing is heard and Akito decides to inform Kakeru about this matter and let them investigate.

That night, the people on the ship are brought into the dream world. Nanami meets Itsuki and Heishi, Itsuki then sends her into her ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ dream world. Nanami passes by a river but she doesn’t wash her face and proceeds into the woods. She spots Akito, the Big Bad Wolf and he’s surprised to see Nanami here. Nanami says that he’s cute, rendering him speechless. After that, she starts mofumofu-ing Akito and comments that it feels nice. Akito starts to blush like a tomato and asks her to spare his ears, but Nanami doesn’t want to and comments that he’s cute.
Akito's Route 4
 Akito yells at her for doing this to a guy but Nanami innocently responds that it’s funny to hear him saying that when he’s a guy in his ‘werewolf’ form, and he runs away after yelling. Suddenly, Nanami hears ‘Akito'(a fake one) yelling at her not to call his name and slaps her. ‘Akito’ then asks her if she thinks that he forgave her and he slaps her again. The real Akito shows up and punched the fake Akito. He yells at the fake Akito, telling him to get lost. Nanami grabs Akito’s sleeves and says that what did she do to have such a nice dream of Akito saving her, but he tells her that it isn’t a dream. Nanami wakes up from the dream and Akito rushes in to her room. He hugs her and says that the fake Akito in the dream is not him.
Akito's Route 5
Nanami is surprised and he asks her why she didn’t resist, is she really fine having him kill her? Nanami questions him why he looks like he's in pain and what she should do. Akito didn’t answer her question and stays for a while before leaving. The next day, Akito shouts at Heishi and Nanami for adding weird stuffs into his cooking again and tells Heishi to go and wipe the tables instead. He asks Nanami if she’s not satisfied with his cooking but she denies it. Heishi says that he’s done with the preparation and that they should call the others over. Akito goes to heat the miso soup and Heishi comments that Akito has changed, in a good way. Heishi asks Nanami if she can continue to pair up with Akito and she replies that they can if Akito wishes to.

Masamune is going to inform ‘The World’ about Mikoto missing and the others are going to search for Mikoto’s whereabouts from the people living in the city they are going to land at. When they arrive at the city, Akito asks Nanami not to leave him as there’s a lot of people around. They asked the people around for Mikoto’s info but they fail to find out anything. Nanami decides to search for a little while and runs away. She bumps into some random guy who later grabs her hand telling her to apologize and accompany him around. Akito shows up as a knight in shining armor and beats the guy up, telling the guy not to touch Nanami. After the guy ran away, Akito grabs her hand and leads her to an alleyway. He asks Nanami why she is scared of having him treat her nicely and she responds that she doesn’t how to react to his kindness and runs back to the ship. She bumps into Itsuki and Heishi with Akito arriving shortly after. Akito asks Heishi to let Nanami come to him, but Heishi refuses.

Chapter 5Edit

Heishi brings Nanami back to her room and tells her to sleep early. Heishi tells Itsuki that he’ll apply for the cancellation of Nanami and Akito’s pairing and leaves the room. After Heishi left, Akito came and Itsuki lets him in. Itsuki asks Akito about his feelings towards Nanami and Akito confesses that he feels that Nanami is small and weak, as if she’ll crumble like the snow upon touching. He also states that the reaction Nanami makes when someone treats her nicely is cute. Akito decides to settle everything with Heishi and leaves to confront Heishi. Later, Koharu enters Nanami’s bedroom asking about what she should do to stop the two from fighting. Nanami is worried and wants to interfere but Itsuki stops her.

The next day, Nanami decides to check on Akito and heads to his room. When Akito sees Nanami, he drags her into his room and admits that what Heishi said about him is correct, that he’s treating her nicely even though he said that he hates her. Nanami asks him if it’s better that everything return back to normal but he replies that they cannot turn back. He pulls her close and tells her to at least resist or say that she hates it, because if she doesn’t do so, he might make a move on her.
Akito's Route 6
Nanami confesses that she doesn’t hate it and being unable to stay by his side makes her feel sad. She admits that she doesn’t want to turn back either and Akito hugs her. He tells her that he’ll find a way to solve his problems and asks her not to visit Heishi but Heishi shows up at the doorstep himself instead. After hearing that Nanami has solved her problems with Akito, he starts to pat her head. Akito comes out shortly and Heishi realizes that Akito is feeling uneasy about him patting Nanami’s head. He laughs and says that he might’ve understood Itsuki’s feelings when making others feel jealous. After Heishi leaves for the canteen to eat dinner, Akito asks Nanami about her conversation with Heishi and she replies that she was talking about Akito and herself with Heishi. Nanami says that she’ll stay by Akito’s side until he says that he hates it. Akito blushes like a tomato and walks away with Nanami catching up with him. At the front of the canteen, they see Heishi and he uses his ability to inform everyone that Mikoto is at the rooftop.

Everyone rushes to the rooftop and see Mikoto with Natsuhiko, Ron and Setsu. Mikoto requests them to go with her because bad things will happen when they arrive at their destinations. Just then, some soldier robots arrive and claim that they’re sent by ‘The World’ to protect the ability users. Ron and Natsuhiko start to fire bullets at the robots and Ron suggests to retreat. Kakeru tries to attack Ron but Mikoto jumps in to protect Ron and they succeed in fleeing. A man shows up saying that he’s from ‘The World’ and Kakeru recognizes the man as his father, Yuiga Shiro. Heishi asks Shiro for Masamune’s whereabouts but Shiro didn’t reply to him. Shiro tells them that he’ll save Mikoto from Natsuhiko and company and requests them to prepare as he’ll come for them 2 days later. The next morning, the ability users have a small meeting, Kakeru appears looking strange and encourages them to follow him and his father. At night, Nanami spots Akito still awake even though it’s already past his normal sleeping time. Nanami apologizes for doubting him as the betrayer because she already knew that Ron’s the actual betrayer. She asks Akito about the guy she saw with Akito earlier(in Ch. 2) but Akito doesn’t reveal anything to her and asks her to believe in him. Akito says that Koharu, Kakeru, Senri and Sakuya are most likely following Shiro and Itsuki will stay behind with Heishi to wait for Masamune. Akito says that he’ll also stay behind. Hearing this, Nanami says that she’ll also stay behind because she wants to be by Akito’s side. Akito asks Nanami to make a deal with him because he’ll forgive her if she does as he says.

Chapter 6Edit

It’s finalized that Koharu, Kakeru, Senri and Sakuya are joining Shiro, whereas Nanami, Akito, Itsuki and Heishi are staying. Akito seems to be feeling unwell and coughs. Nanami is worried about him but he says that he’ll recover after taking a nap and invites her to go to the town with him instead. At the town, he mentions about Nanami’s necktie. It’s actually Heishi’s. Heishi bought his checkered one right after he boarded the ship. Since Heishi doesn’t need two, he gave the black tie to her. Nanami says that the original red scarf doesn’t suit her because she doesn’t look cute like Mikoto and Koharu, but Akito denies it and says that she’s cute. Hearing him praising her, Nanami concludes that he should go and see the optician to check his eyes. Akito is rendered speechless after hearing what she said. He grabs her hand and takes her to some shop which sells girly things. Akito asks Nanami to pick anything she wants. She thinks for a while and decides that she wants something that has shape and can be kept. She requests for his necktie and she’ll return Heishi’s necktie. He promises her while blushing like a tomato. Once again, Akito says that she’s cute and quickly states that his eyesight is normal. Nanami who’s overly surprised, faints. When she wakes up, Akito decides to buy some drinks but finds out that there’s a water shortage at the city instead. He requests for Nanami to follow him to the woods. Akito finds a small spring and uses his water ability to revive the water spring. Nanami is worried about him and tells him not to use it. She says that she should stop him earlier but Akito tells her that it’s okay and continues to use his ability.

We flashback to see what actually happened that night (in Ch. 5). Senri was sleeping in his room. Akito and Nanami went to his room and the former woke Senri up. Akito forced Senri to spit out the reason why Senri’s following Shiro. Senri replied that he’s going because of Koharu. After listening to Senri’s reason, Akito created a water sphere using the water ability supposedly owned by Senri. Senri dipped his finger into the water. He tasted it and said that he remembers the taste of the water. It’s the taste of the river water that he used to play at when his father was out shopping. Senri’s surprised that Akito knows the river and the fact that they own the same ability. Akito revealed that the ability was originally Senri's, but it was partially given to Akito. Senri’s ability was weak because it’s not in its complete form. Senri asked Akito who Akito really is to him and Akito answered that he’s Senri’s older brother. Senri denied it, saying that he doesn’t believe in what Akito said, but strangely, tears started to stream down. Akito embraces Senri and apologized to Senri for leaving him alone while absorbing the remnants of the ability left in Senri.
Senri fell asleep in Akito’s arms eventually. Nanami is worried about Akito for accepting all of Senri’s ability. Akito assured her that he’s fine and asked Nanami to erase Senri’s memories of what happened tonight. Nanami doesn’t want to erase Senri’s memories, so she lied to Akito that she already erased Senri’s memories. Back to the present, Akito is looking exhausted using the water ability. Nanami is worried about Akito and tears stream down her face. Akito assures her that he’s okay and asks her to come close to him. He starts to give Nanami kisses on one of her ears.
Akito's Route 7
Nanami pleads Akito to stop but he doesn’t want to. She pulls herself away which causes Akito to yell: ‘Don’t run away, you idiot!’. They share a kiss and become red like tomatoes.
Akito asks her to call him by his name since it’s obvious that Syukuri isn’t his real surname. Nanami blushes, saying that there isn’t a need for her to call him by his name for now. Akito starts to give her kisses and tells her that he won’t stop until she calls him by his name. After continuous efforts of kissing by Akito, Nanami finally calls him, Akito. Akito kisses her and confesses to her. Nanami attempts to reply to his feelings but he suggests to return to the ship before letting her talk.

On their way back, Nanami mentions about Senri and asks Akito why didn’t he stop Kakeru from ‘bullying’ Senri. Akito says that it’s because he actually asked Kakeru to look after his otouto as he’s worried about Senri being a hikikomori. Nanami comments that to her, it looks like Kakeru is letting out his anger on Senri more than he’s looking after Senri. Akito says that he’s grateful to Kakeru, since it’s because of Kakeru that Senri is now coming out from his room and having conversations with Koharu. Nanami changes the topic saying that Akito seems to be on friendly terms with Sakuya and Kakeru. Akito exchanges information with Sakuya about Itsuki and Kakeru about Senri (he knew Senri’s feelings towards Koharu through Kakeru) Akito questions Nanami for the reason behind her asking him stuffs like this. She replies that it’s because she wants to know more about Akito.

Back at the ship, Heishi feels that the ship has become more spacious because most of the members are not here anymore. Akito mentions about Itsuki and he appears with Masamune. Masamune apologizes for returning late and says that he already heard about what happened while he was not around from Itsuki. He reveals that Koharu and company ended up following the enemy of ‘The World’. They’re worried about the others who followed Shiro. Masamune assures them that Mikoto is safe with Natsuhiko but he doens’t know what Natsuhiko is up to. The ship then departs even though the members are all split up.

Chapter 7Edit

It’s night time and Akito is still outside, so Nanami decides to follow him. At the rooftop, Akito’s surprised to see Nanami tailing him and she replies that she’s worried about Akito for not eating his meals properly. Akito can’t get his mind off what Masamune said as it seems that the one who held Masamune captive is Shiro while the one who saved Masamune is Sakuya. Nanami said that she should stop them but Akito tells her if Sakuya didn’t go, Masamune won’t be back safely and assures her that Sakuya will be safe. Suddenly, some vines attacked them. Nanami wants to call for help but Akito stops her. He starts to use his ability which Nanami interferes to stop him.

Nanami pleads Akito to stop using the ability and tells him not to do reckless things. Akito kisses her and asks her to believe in him as he won’t simply die. He uses the water ability again while kissing Nanami.
Akito's Route 8
The vines finally retreat and Akito looks extremely exhausted. She helps him back to his room and Nanami decides to stay even though Akito tells her that he’ll attack her for staying. Nanami tells him to rest and went to the kitchen to refill some water for Akito. She decides to prepare something for Akito to eat. While cooking some porridge, she’s thinking of adding herbs again but she recalls Akito telling her not to add strange stuff into the food and decides not to add any herbs. Back at Akito’s room, Akito asks Nanami if she intends to ‘kill’ him when he knew that she prepared some porridge. He glances at the porridge and comments that it looks rather normal. He eats some and states that it’s delicious.

The day they arrive at the destination, Nanami went to Akito’s room to wake him up. Suddenly, the 'mysterious guy' (from ch. 2) appears. Akito wakes up and Nanami asks him who the guy is. Akito explains that he knew the guy since he was a kid and the guy had helped him since he was expelled from his village, though Akito doesnt know the guy’s name or anything. The guy communicates with them through telepathy. He reveals his name is Aion, the one who they referred as ‘The World’. Aion explains that he was a cyborg created at year 2080 to protect world peace. He was made so because the world started to spin into turmoil at 2000 and on year 2060, World War IV happened. The world is at chaos to the point that even children were armed with guns to protect themselves. The government decided to clean up the mess by having some scientists create Aion. Using Aion, they ‘Reset’ the world back into the past, when the world was still peaceful. And apparently, they resetted the world for 3 times, so it’s now year 8075. The ability users’ abilities are needed to reset the world. Barrier(Mikoto) to protect humans, Fire(Koharu) to burn away the history and culture so that they can start from scratch again, Water(Senri/Akito) and Greens(Kakeru) to heal and revive the earth and erasing peoples’ memories(Nanami) when they reset the world. When the time to have a 4th reset comes, they need to return their abilities to Aion. Hearing what Aion said, Nanami asks Aion if Akito returns his ability, will Akito regain his health? Aion replies that he told Akito before that Senri will be free again once he completes his ‘mission’ and scolds Akito for sacrificing himself for his otouto without listening to him.

Aion says that it’s time to gather everyone since he’s done explaining everything to them so he teleports everyone to the place where his actual body is kept. Aion is actually a ‘she‘ not a ‘he’. There, they meet up with Masamune, Heishi and Itsuki. Akito turns to asks Aion if she plans on resetting the world but she says that it’s impossible to do a reset now because not all of the ability users are present. Nanami is worried about Akito because they cannot return their abilities. Aion reassures her that they can still return their abilities to her but Akito doesn’t want to as he wants to keep the ability for a little longer so that he can fend off Kakeru if he’d ever come to attack them. It is revealed that Masamune holds the ability to see the past. Nanami doesn’t want to have Akito fight their ‘former’ friends and decides to travel back to the past with Akito. Before having them travel back to the past, Aion warns them not to have their hearts held captive by the past or they won’t come back to the present.

Happy EndingEdit

Back to the past, the snow is falling. Nanami explains that when she was still a child, she was ordered by his father to erase peoples’ memories in Akito’s village. Nanami never doubts her father’s orders, but everything changed when she met the Ichinose brothers. Akito was reasoning with the villagers not to have them force Senri to overuse his ability for farming use. Little Nanami and his father were looking from afar and he told Nanami that their target is Senri’s memories of Akito. Akito’s hanging out with Senri who was running circles around Akito. They heard the voice of the villagers calling for them but Akito told Senri to ignore it. Nanami’s father came to check Nanami who says that she’s having second thoughts on erasing Senri’s memories but her father insists on having her do it. Nanami visited Senri and he started to tell her about how good Akito is as his brother. As he was talking Nanami slowly erased his memories about Akito. Nanami then asked her father about Akito and her father told her that he’ll most probably get killed by the villagers to prevent Senri from remembering Akito again. Nanami helped Akito by lending him a horse so that he can escape. Akito rages at Nanami for erasing his precious otouto’s memories of him but he had to leave because the villagers were catching up.
Akito's Route 9
Nanami tells Akito that it’s all her fault and asks him not to burden himself anymore. Akito says that he is being weak and inconsiderate, he should’ve thought about the villagers and Senri, so that the villagers won’t starve and Senri won’t get overworked. Akito apologizes for blaming all the faults on her but Nanami says that she didn’t stay by his side out of guilt. He says that he prayed to god for the first time when Senri fainted for overusing his ability. Aion appeared and taught Akito how to absorb Senri’s ability but she told him to wait until the time comes. Akito can’t wait and absorbs a chunk of Senri’s ability, which is why Senri’s ability is weak and dull. Akito resolves to absorb all of Senri’s ability and magically returns to his old self. He runs back to the village but is stopped by Nanami. She embraces Akito and tells him that no one will be saved nor will be happy if he did something like that.
Akito's Route 10
Nanami confesses that she loves Akito and wants to be by his side. She says that she prefers Akito to tell her that he loves her rather than hearing him forgive her faults. Akito replies Nanami’s feelings by confessing to her again.

Back to the present, Nanami is seen bringing porridge for Akito who happily finishes it. Akito decides to prepare some udon but Nanami is worried about him doing it when he’s feeling unwell, so Akito asks her to help him out. Nanami asks her what she should do but he tells her to just stay by his side and breathe. Akito calls out for ‘Shiranui’ and Nanami realizes that it’s unfair that Akito doesn’t call her Nanami since she’s already changed her way of calling Akito. Blushing red Akito repeats what Nanami said before when he asked her to call his name but Nanami insists on having him call her name now. Akito tries to avoid Nanami by saying that he’ll make udon later and sleep for a little more. Nanami pushes him down and ‘threatens’ to kiss him if he doesn’t call her name. Akito knows that she doesn’t have the guts to do it and teases her for it.

Suddenly, someone knocks the door and ruins the mood perfectly. Akito wants to chase the one who ruined their good mood and went downstairs. He’s surprised to hear Senri’s voice through the door. Koharu is asking why Senri isn’t going in but he tells her he still hasn’t fully prepared to face his Nii-san yet. Akito hears it and rushes back to his room. Nanami opens the door and shocks poor Senri, but Koharu is happy to see Nanami and are having a happy reunion. Mikoto is also heading there with Sakuya as told by Koharu. As for Kakeru, he escaped with Senri and Koharu, but he’s with Itsuki now. Senri decides to go back since he’s done reporting to Nanami but Koharu stops him as he still has some unfinished business to take care of. Seeing Senri fiddling, Nanami offers to call Akito out.
Akito's Route 11
She returns to Akito’s bedroom and sees him under his blanket. Akito refuses to get up and says that Nanami didn’t erased Senri’s memories when he told her to. Akito is sulking but Nanami convinces him to go and meet with Senri. Akito finally calls Nanami by her name and thanks her. Back downstairs, Akito and Senri are having an ‘awkward’ brotherly reunion which Nanami laughs at. Senri asks if he can talk about a lot of things with Akito later and Akito happily agrees.

Normal EndingEdit

Picking up at Chapter 6, Nanami listens to Akito and erases Senri’s memories. After that, most of the story after that remains the same as the happy end basically, the only thing that’s different is Senri’s memories of Akito.

Since you’re obedient and chose to erase Senri’s memories, he doesn’t have any clue that Akito’s his brother even though he returned to the ship. Nanami regrets erasing Senri’s memories but Akito says that it’s what he wants anyways. Nanami pushes Akito down to kiss him and professes her love for him again and again. Akito states that he feels like Nanami is being the aggresive one and pulls the blanket to cover themselve
Akito's Route 12
s. Akito says that he and Senri will live seperate lives from now on, because he chose Nanami and she chose him. Now that they know their feelings clearly, Akito whispers to her that he wants to ‘do it’ while blushing. Nanami doesn’t get it and innocently asks Akito what he intends to do. He says that it’s ‘that’ which lovers do following the normal sequence but Nanami says that isn’t he suppose to sleep. Akito tells her to read the situation but before Nanami can say anything, their sweet time gets interfered by Heishi through telepathy. Akito curses Heishi for spoiling the mood and tells Nanami to prepare herself tonight.

Tragic Love EndingEdit

Picking up from the scene where Akito turns to his chibi form and decides to go back to absorb all of Senri’s ability. Nanami chases after Akito and sees a blue light shining. Male Aion appears and asks Akito if this is the ending he desired. Akito said that it’s what he intended to do from the start anyway and asks Nanami to go back to the present. Nanami wants to go back with Akito but he’s tired and wants to rest.
Akito's Route 13
Seeing that Akito is happy that in the past with the village and Senri, she decides to stay with Akito because it’s her choice to follow him. She embraces Akito and jumps into the water with him. She says that she’ll wait until he can forgive himself and stay by his side forever
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