What, "It's okay if I'm killed"?! Why would you say such things?

—Akito, in the PV

Akito Shukuri

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Kanji 宿吏 暁人
Romaji Shukuri Akito
Age 18
Birthday February 11
Zodiac Aquarius
Height 178cm
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Status Alive
Era Taisho Era
Race Human
Ability user (after absorbing Senri's powers)
Relatives Senri Ichinose (Brother)

Nanami Shiranui (girlfriend in good ends in games)

Ability Water (half of Senri's powers)
Weaponry None
Voice Actors
Japanese Noriaki Sugiyama
First Appearances
Manga Chapter 0
Game Prologue

Akito Shukuri (宿吏 暁人 Shukuri Akito) born as Akito Ichinose (市ノ瀬 暁人, Ichinose Akito) is one of the three selectable heroes in Nanami Shiranui's target group.


Akito is described as a handsome guy with long blue hair that is tied in a ponytail where the color becomes a lighter shade as it goes down and hazel eyes.

Instead of a white polo, he wears a blue shirt.

His footwear is also different from the others as his boots are shorter and loose. Although he chose not to follow the exact uniform code, he still wears the black pants and knee-length cape but with the sleeves folded above the elbow.


Akito is a rough and violent guy who treats Nanami Shiranui cruelly for some reason.


  • The name Akito means "dawn, daybreak" (暁) (aki) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Akito's surname Shukuri means "inn, lodging" (宿) (shu) and "officer, official" (吏) (kuri).
    • His birth surname Ichinose means "city, market, town" (市) (ichi) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


  • Akito is afraid of birds.
  • Akito is a tsundere.
  • Akito originally did not have an ability.
  • Akito and Koharu share a brother and sister relationship.
  • Akito takes care of his body by sleeping early, waking up early and exercises in the morning.
  • Despite Akito's heavy personality, he is a great cook.


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